Gowrie Farm House , Natal Midlands

Gowrie Farm House , Natal Midlands 2018-06-06T15:53:44+00:00

Project Description

The Gowrie House is sited on a large trout fishing  dam , on a well cared for golf course .

The orientation , being south, informed the concept – a view site for warm weather , a covered verandah and swimming pool looking over a water hazzard and the 9th hole. For windy colder days , the entrance court provides a warm  protected enclave , where one can still sit outside enjoying the sunshine. The house has fireplaces in every room , for the freezing , sometimes snowey weather.

The farmhouse ‘complex’ was developed from the need to reveal carefully designed  exposed trusses. Each part of the building that is pitched is separated and connected with flat concrete , intersecting junctions , preserving and allowing the simplicity and integrity of each component of the design to express itself in a pure manner that is at the same time separate , and together. The scale of the project is thus kept to the right proportions.


pool deck overlooking trout dam and golf course.


Project Details